Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More on pyrolysis

James, over at The Good Life (Ireland) has been trying out a MIDGE aka modified inverted downdraft gasifier experiment. (MIDGE plans pdf). That is pretty much the direction I have been thinking of heading on my quest for balanced charcoal making. James has a valuable reference to a a book I am definitely going to get: How to Convert Wood into Charcoal & Electricity, by Richard Burton.

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Your link is broken by some extraneous text:

There are a bunch more of these (which I found after prompting by your post):

ARTI - Appropriate Rural Technology Institute
Biogas Plant: A compact digester for producing biogas from food waste
Briquetted Charcoal from Sugarcane Trash
Aprovecho Research Center (rocket stove, prolena ecostove)
BioEnergy Lists: Biomass Cooking Stoves
Biomass Cooking Stoves

michaelangelica said...

Pyrolysis /Terra preta conference in Australia

There is a conference exploring the whole Terra preata; soil in Charcoal; carbon sequestration issue, open to all, soon in Australia.
It is being organised by the grass root organisation the International Agrichar Initiative (IAI) April 29-May 2, 2007 at beautiful Terrigal Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

The conference has been priced inexpensively so as many as possible can attend.

You will be taken to see the Best Energies Pyrolysis machine in action at Somersby. Here is all the technology we need to cool,power,feed and green the planet. It is all ready to go.

For more details see the new terra preta discussion web site (Pleas join up if you are interested it is only a week old)here:
For more info on Terra preta see also the hypography Science forums
Here ...
Or the Permaculture forums