Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Week of Science Challenge

Evolgen has a challenge for us:

The Week of Science Challenge:
February 5 through February 11

Here are the elements:
* One week of science blogging and only science blogging.
* At least one post a day of pure science content.
* No blogging about anti-science -- no creationism, no anti-vaccination, no global warming denialists.

Bloggers who self-identify as scientists and science writers should post on:

1. Published, peer-reviewed research and their own research.
2. Their expert opinion on actual scientific debates - think review articles.
3. Descriptions of natural phenomena (e.g., why slugs dissolve when you put salt on them, or what causes sun flares; scientific knowledge that has reached the level of fact)

See Just Science for more information forthcoming on how to participate.

I accept!

Photo: Challenge Accepted
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