Friday, January 05, 2007

Carbon Credit Payments for US Forest, No-till Crop, Manure, or Grassland

The North Dakota Farmers Union has successfully started a Carbon Credit Program. It allows ag producers and landowners to earn income by storing carbon in their soil through no-till crop production and longterm grass seeding practices. There are also forestry (tree planting) and methane offset (manure digester) contracts. Forestry and methane contracts are available nationwide and have no enrollment date. Soil offset contracts are limited to the yellow and green areas on the adjacent map. Soil carbon characterization studies are needed to expand the enrollment areas.

As a result of their pioneer role, NDFU is the official aggregator with the Chicago Climate Exchange and is serving as the fiscal agent for the program as it expands to other states. Individual state Farmers Union organizations will receive some of the revenue from the aggregation program. The program:

... demands recently planted forest or grassland, or cropland that’s been farmed in recent years.

“They want it to be newer plantings,”...

The North Dakota Farmer’s union started the carbon-credit program and technically, is the official aggregator — the entity that collects credits and puts them on CCX for sale.

The national and state Farmers Unions help organize the program and get farmers involved.

To learn more about the carbon credit program, visit the National Farmers Union Web site: and click on the environment tab, or call the Wisconsin Farmers Union at 715-723-5561 or visit it on the Internet at

Source: River Falls Journal

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