Friday, February 17, 2006

Where are all the soil science bloggers?

It's time to play a game! Where are all the soil science bloggers? Are soil scientists genetically inclined to dislike the nontechnical nature of the blogosphere? Or are we being discriminated against by our colleagues in the earth sciences?

Where are all the soil science bloggers? Here's the list.

Soil Scientists who blog

At the UWA: The Soil Science Journal Club
...a resource for people interested in recent advances in Soil Science in all its guises...

Orangepoop's Dirt Girl
Decomposition of the socio-political element. Live from Washington D.C.

Soil Artist/Jay Noller's Soil Body
It is all about our relationship to the biologically active layer of Earth - Soil
(...posting again after 10 month hiatus: worth waiting for...)

Honorable Mention

Doctor Dirt's As the Yarn Turns
Sweeny_Todd's LiveJournal
dr_dirt's LiveJournal
come-along-fool's LiveJournal

Special Mention – enthusiasts who track soil science blogs

Back40's Muck and Mystery
John Gay's Sustainable Ag Website

Attribution to greengabbro for the intro, parodied above.

[Updated: January 09, 2007]

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yami mcmoots said...

Yup, your comment was totally fubared - sorry about that! Good thing Technorati's around to catch me when I fall :)

OrangePoop said...

This is really funny. P.S. I didnt meet you in Hawaii. So tell me your dirt"y" did you get here? Oh to be a dirt scientist......and like the linkage between life and death...between soluble and insoluble between crystalline and amorphous.....oh the life.

Anonymous said...

Try for a new soil science blog.