Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In Praise of Richmond Bartlett

“We all should fall upon our knees and sing out praise for manganese.�
Richmond Bartlett (wikiquote)

I received the following from Paul Bloom earlier today.

Below is an announcement supplied by Don Ross of the University of Vermont. I truly enjoyed the times I got to sit and discuss life and science with Rich. He was as unique character, but more that he was a good scientist and a fine human being.

Paul Bloom

Richmond Bartlett died Tuesday, December 20 at the age of 78. His contributions to the field of soil chemistry were many and he will be missed. He would surely want everyone to remember the difference between soil and dirt, and the fact that manganese can explain everything (almost). There are plans for a memorial service on Saturday January 7th on the campus of the University of Vermont in Burlington, time and place to be announced.

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