Saturday, December 16, 2006

My picks from Vadose Zone Journal

My picks from Vadose Zone Journal May 2005; Vol. 4 (2): 225 - 451

VZJ articles are released to open access 18 months after online publication. These articles became available on November 13, 2006.

Buckingham, 1907: An Appreciation.

Buckingham's methodical development of an unsaturated flow theory from first principles facilitates a grasp that one seldom gets from textbooks. As a physicist in the company of agricultural scientists, Buckingham articulated his findings mostly in written prose, without much reliance on mathematics. His foundational ideas are as valid today as when he proposed them.

Simplified Method to Estimate the Green–Ampt Wetting Front Suction and Soil Sorptivity with the Philip–Dunne Falling-Head Permeameter

A simple, innovative method is presented to estimate saturated hydraulic conductivity in soil. The only paired data points necessary for this proposed new method are the times when the permeameter is half full and when it reaches empty.

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